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About Marilyn Flores

Originally from El Salvador, Marilyn Flores is a Cinematographer and Director based in LA. She is an ambitious storyteller who has shot numerous short films, music videos, and documentaries.

With a unique diasporic perspective, Marilyn explores themes of belonging, identity, and womanhood through her work.

She holds a BA in Cinema from San Francisco State University. Having started her career on independent film sets and non-profit documentaries in the Bay Area, Marilyn wore many hats including working as a freelance videographer and video editor for renowned tech companies such as Google, Salesforce, Bain and Company, and more.

In 2019 she shot a documentary about the Central American Caravans in Tijuana which was granted by Creative Capital and the Internet Archive. This experience propelled her into exploring vérité documentary-style projects, including the acclaimed short film Dance On Land (2020), celebrating the Albany Bulb Park. Seeking to expand her horizons as a DP in the realm of narrative and larger projects, she leaped to Los Angeles. In 2022 Marilyn shot her first Feature Film for Director Laramie Dennis, a Verité style film entirely camera operated by Marilyn. In 2024 Marilyn became an Associate Member of the Society of Camera Operators, hoping to continue honing her skills as a camera operator and cinematographer. 

With each project and collaboration, Marilyn Flores continues to evolve as a visionary cinematographer, driven by her unwavering passion for storytelling through visuals. Inspired by her experiences, mentors, and life, Marilyn eagerly embraces new challenges, always seeking to elevate her craft to new heights. In her free time, Marilyn enjoys hiking, being in nature, film photography, and exploring new places! 

Rondo Hatton Award - Best Horror Short Film


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